Make Sure Your Pet Has a Pet Survival Kit Too

Make Sure Your Pet Has a Survival Kit Too – They Are Part of the Family

The thought of having to leave my animals because we have not prepared a kit for them just makes me almost sick. And that happens more times than one would think – one of my cats was rescued during a flood almost 2 years ago and taken to the animal shelter where we found and adopted her.

Pet Survival Kit

So, if you have animals you need to have Survival kits for them. Stealth Angel has solved that problem for you. They have:

  • Deluxe Cat Survival Kit
  • Deluxe Dog Survival Kit


On the page for Emergency Kits for Pets are pictures of the red backpack that has been specially designed to provide your cat with all that is necessary for survival. By having this survival kit, you do have some peace of mind knowing that in an emergency you can grab your cat and her survival kit and go.

Deluxe Cat Survival Kit

The cat kit contains:

  • 8 oz. package of emergency cat food per cat
  • 6 – 4oz, water pouches
  • 10 tablets for water purification – 1 tablet purifies 1-liter water
  • Emergency Bright stick – good for 12 hours
  • Bodywarmer – 16 hours
  • Emergency survival blanket
  • 107- piece First Aid Kit
  • Feeding bowl
  • Another collar with bell
  • Leash that is reflective
  • Toys for cats
  • 50 feet of Nylon Rope
  • Waste bags – 50 per pet

These items are packed securely in a waterproof, resealable storage bag. This survival kit was designed using the advice of experts in emergency preparedness industry as well as pet specialist. It also follows guidelines that have been given by the government agencies as well as non-profit preparedness organizations.

Deluxe Dog Survival Kit 

The dog survival kit is almost exactly like the cat survival kit except that the dog kit has:

  • Metal stake with 14 ft. tie down the leash
  • Dog toys

Approved by

These pet survival kits have been approved by:

  • FEMA
  • Humane Society
  • Peta

There are some excellent resources for pet owners by all the best non-profits that are for animals and pets. There are many about how to take care of your pet when in an emergency or in a weather disaster.

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