The Best in Cat Ultra – Premium Clumping Cat Litter

What is Ultra - Premium Clumping Cat Litter?

The most important item you can provide for your cat or cat family is to provide them with the best cat litter on the market. ‘Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter’ has many good features for both cats and cat lovers. It is believed to be the bestselling cat litter on the market currently.

Best for cats as well as cat owners 

Features of Premium Litter

  1. 9% dust free – one problem with most cat litter especially when scooped out or changing a cloud of dust forms. Cat litter can be very hazardous on health of the cat owners. And contaminated litter often carries parasites causing toxoplasmosis. When inhaled that can cause the parasitic disease. This litter is extremely made for those with weaken immune systems, are infants or those who are pregnant.
  1. 10 percent bentonite clay has zero perfumes, and none added ingredients or chemicals. This is unhealthy for kitties with allergies as well as cat owners.
  1. Great odour control – successfully reduces odour from cat waste. You are guaranteed a fresh room and home.
  1. Hard clumps – when urine or feces is in contact with these granules, it forms hard clumps which are better able to scoop out.

This Premium Clumping Litter is perfect for households that are multi-cats, especially with cats who are allergic to soon chemicals. This cat litter is great for all kinds of cats of all ages, as well as all types of litter boxes, including mechanical ones.

Made with good health in mind 

This Premium Clumping cat litter isn’t a bestseller for nothing – the manufacturers have your health and your cat’s health in mind when making the product as it is 100 percent natural and safe. The fact is that the granules are unscented yet masks waste that makes it a great option when you are transitioning between little boxes or cat litter. As cats are notoriously picky especially when something knew is being introduced, they find it often hard to make the transition.

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