Review for Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Bow Wow Meow started in 1995 offering personalized pet ID tags as well as in 2008 the company made the decision to promote their pet insurance. Bow Wow Meow pet Insurance is recognized to be one of the most reasonable priced and therefore they are gaining clients to become the leading insurance provider for pets in Australia.

Best Insurance Provider

Bow Wow’s has been presented “best insurance provider” from the Master Dog Breeders and Associate in 2012 as well as 2014. This business offers 3 different plans:

  • Basic plan
  • Illness cover plan (standard)
  • Comprehensive plan (including routine care)

Pet insurance Reviews

The basic cover is only offered for Accidental injury cover as no illness so it might be suitable for younger pets who don’t yet have a history of any illnesses.

There are 2 options with the excess level at $0 or $100, with the $0 option costing more monthly than the $100.

Standard Insurance cover

Additional to basic plan, the standard coverage has extraworth where the additional is lower and the annual benefit limit doubles-up to $10,000 and offers up to $300 in vet consultation. Pet Insurance Australia arecommends this plan as a good balance between cover for your pet and value.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

In addition to the standard plan, the comprehensive plan has another routine care cover that allows you to claim up to $140 every year. $50 can go to claims on items such as:

  • Spading or desexing
  • Heartworm control
  • Micro-chipping
  • Cleaning of teeth
  • Council registration fees
  • Dew claw removal
  • Prescription diets
  • Cremation/burial
  • Alternative therapies

In addition, the following are also claimable:

  • Vaccinations/Health Check $30.00
  • Flea/tick/worm control $45.00
  • Heartworm test/ Blood Screen $10.00
  • FeLv/Fiv Test/Urinalysis $10.00

Other items include:

  • Always on discounts – typically 1 month’s free offer
  • Competitive Pricing for all plan levels
  • Positive reviews on external review sites
  • Free Pet Tag
  • 10{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} Discount for Multiple Pets

Not covered:

  • No coverage for working dogs
  • No coverage for dental care

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