Snakes, How to Have as a Pet?

Snakes, How to Have as a Pet

Snakes are reptiles, and like all others, they are cold-blooded animals. Although many people have real disgust for these animals, some are truly in love with them. The eccentricity, peculiar behavior and the way of feeding, quite different from the other animals, catch the attention of the owners of this pet.

The acquisition of a pet of this kind must be done in a legalized breeding ground and never on the streets of the city, since the trafficking of wild animals is an unreliable crime.

The place in which they live should be as close as possible to their natural environment. Snakes need to exercise, and therefore habitat and accessories for snakes need to be large and suitable for the size of the species chosen. You can order accessories for reptile pets at

Snake lights and heaters should be used to maintain the environment between 27 to 29ºC. It can also be used, the so-called heating mat, which is connected to a thermostat and assists in temperature control. If you opt for the lamp, do not leave it inside the terrarium, without protection, because the snake can curl itself and suffer serious burns.

Their diet is the basis of frozen or living rats, but the frequency with which it is to be provided varies greatly among species, with some feeding biweekly, sometimes monthly. If the chosen one is the dead animal, it can be offered in the accessories for feeding snakes. This is the most common choice among breeders because it is easy to buy and store in the home.

Some physical and behavioral aspects may also indicate poor feeding of a snake. Apathy, lethargy, poor muscle structure, weight loss and prominent bones indicate completely unbalanced food. Adequate humidity and temperature and correct exposure to UVB rays contribute significantly to this purpose, and the owner of the pet should not forget to observe the feeding accessories.

The snakes will change their skin monthly or every two months, and if they present a physical wound, they will make the skin change more quickly, to heal the injury. The whole process lasts from 3 to 5 days and in this period; the humidity of the terrarium should be maintained at 75{da67c2c8481cdf065b0ba730269eb537a6867b1dd058da853d3f1c3fcbdd6f46}, to make it easier. This can be done by spraying water on the spot. If this period passes and the snake continues with the skin attached to its body, the owner needs to bathe it in warm water at a temperature of approximately 26 ° C, which will help. Master on the trails, any little hole or sheet that takes her out of the terrarium may be enough for her to walk around the house. Care should be taken to ensure that this does not occur.

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