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The annoying barking problem. If you’ve taken a walk down the street lately, you’ve more than likely heard a dog or two that just won’t stop barking.

If your dog falls into this category, it can be very frustrating attempting to make it stop.

Barking doesn’t have to just be something “dogs do”. Yes, barking is a natural action that any normal dog will do, and it’s never going to completely disappear. Although, when it gets out of control, there are some very specific tactics you can employ to minimize it.

The Root of Barking

In order to control your dogs barking, you need to know the reasons why your dog is barking in the first place.

Here are some root cause barking problems and their solutions:

  1. Boredom is the most common cause of barking and this can be solved with additional exercise and attention.
  2. Anxiety when leaving home can upset your dog. You must train your dog to manage your exit more calmly. This can be quite a process, but well worth the effort for your neighbors benefit and for the general well-being of your dog.
  3. Warning barking at strangers or potential threats is completely normal, but only up to a certain point.
  4. Attention Seeking dogs in need of attention will certainly bark randomly. Don’t react to this behavior or it will only get worse.
  5. Startled dogs that get a fright or are scared might bark due to fear or confusion.
  6. Playful dogs can sometimes bark to show their excitement. This is completely normal behavior.
  7. Communicating with each other is another reason dogs bark. This is fine, but should not be allowed to be ongoing.

Of course some of these barking reasons shouldn’t be corrected. You still want your dog to bark if they sense an intruder at the door. But, you don’t also need them to bark for hours when the neighbor arrives home.

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How to Stop a Dog Barking

Eliminating behavior such as continuous barking begins with the basic control of your dog. You must become a strong alpha leader your dog will follow and there should never be any reason to test leadership. The only solution is to be consistent with commands and to provide training.

If your dog is trained to “sit”, “stay” and “come here”, all their focus will be on completing these tasks and sometimes they will just stop all barking immediately. Another very important duty is to give your dog as much exercise as possible. Exercise can have a huge impact on minimizing barking.

Dogs that are bored or not exercised regularly will just bark because they have nothing else to do. Because we can’t get into the mind of the dog, it can be difficult to stop this behavior.

Avoid using the command “NO!” Yelling will only make matters worse. Your dog might not understand why you are yelling and will continue barking out of frustration or perhaps bark even louder to compete with you!

Always avoid any form of punishment or rewarding of your dogs negative behavior. Only reward your dog when it behaves properly. If you firmly say the word “stop” and they comply with you, reward them with a small treat.

Refrain from giving your dog affection when they are barking. This can lead them to believe that they were correct in barking at whatever they were barking at. This will further their anxiety or nervousness that led to this behavior.

If done correctly, it can be relatively simple to minimize a strong will for your dog to bark. Consistency is key and once you’ve taken an alpha role in your home, your dog will easily follow your lead.

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Tanner Simpson – Happy Pooch Training.

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