The Different Types of Hay They Sell

Business has lots of new faces now. There are even a few companies that sell hay, and they are not always exactly like the typical hay stores. The companies know what exactly is needed to make hay of horse quality. These companies generally make use of the latest techniques in order to take proper care of the horse. The hay for sale is of many types depending on the quality or the forage crops that are grown.

Types of Hay

The various types of hay that are sold are as follows.

  • Alfalfa Hay: Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a forage crop that is grown in the US. The world’s best alfalfa requires a perfect climate, and the horsemen know that the intermountain valleys are perfect for this crop. Alfalfa comes in a number of varieties, depending on the needs of the ranchers or the different farms. Alfalfa produces around 19{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} crude protein when they are cut early. Alfalfa Hay is the best type of hay for the cattle and the horses.


  • Timothy Grass Hay: The Timothy Grass Hay is the best-known way that is used for feeding the horse and the cattle. It provides the animal with nourishment is very good in fiber and has a good amount of roughage. The Timothy Grass Hay is mostly grown during the winter season. This Grass is cut two times. The first cut contains a protein content that is low while the second cut contains more amount of protein.


  • Timothy Alfalfa Hay: The Timothy Alfalfa Hay is a very common mix which is used for feeding the horses and the cattle. This type of hay provides a lot of energy to the animals.


  • Oat Hay: The Oat Hay is known for the carbohydrate content and the sugar levels that it has. The nutritional value varies greatly between the first cut and the second cut. The huge amount of nutritional content is very good for the health of the cattle and the horses.


  • Wheat Hay: Wheat Hay is nothing but grass that is dry, also referred to as cereal grass. Wheat undoubtedly provides with a lot of nutrition, and it is used to feed the horses and the cattle. They are mostly grown as forage consumptions as Hay.


These types of hay are generally used in order to feed the livestock and to maintain them by the leading hay producers.

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