The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying an Electronic Dog Fence

Before thinking of installing such a barrier on your dog’s everyday activities like jumping, digging or if you’re thinking of correcting your dog’s undesirable behavior in anyway, there is always some cautions and warnings you should keep in mind because this might harm your adorable pets if it goes wrong. With utmost care and dedication, brings you the best of pet care supplies at affordable prices.

The Do’s of Electronic Dog Fence System

     Consult a Veterinarian

When you’re planning to use anelectronic fence, do consult a veterinarian before because many times these devices are not suitable for every kind of dog. The veterinarian will look through your pet’s past medical record and his temper and suggest what you should do and what electric fence will be suitable.

     Plot the perimeter to be wired

When you are affirming of installing an electronic fence, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it on your own or if you’re getting any professional help, it is good to know the part where you’ll set the perimeter and what kind of tools you will need for the installation process. Also, there should be a specific and certain area to cover the transmitter which you should chalk out beforehand.

     Test the collar batteries regularly

The collar batteries must be replaced in every 3-6 months; you should check them regularly and remember that perfectly functional battery are very important for electronic fencing.

     Take time for training your dog

As you get a green signal from the veterinarian for the electric fence, start taking time out to train your dog and teaching him how the wireless dog fence works. Set flags on two sides of perimeter and provide visual cues for the dogs to understand. Gift him with treats and rewards for good behavior.

The Don’ts of Electronic Dog Fence System

     Electronic fence is not suitable for all types of dogs

As we discussed seeing a veterinarian before installation of anelectronic fence, it is also important that we understand that every kind of dog. Electronic fences are very unsuitable for violent dogs, guard dogs and also sick dogs. Especially for the dogs with health issues, the mild stimulating shock can also be very jolting and harm them.

     Keep the fence wires separate

Try and keep the electronic fence wires away from the electrical or telephone cables and also keep them away from any antenna wires and similar wires to keep the electrical hazards at bay. You should absolutely make sure that these wires are laid in such a way that it doesn’t run over the power lines.

     Keep the transmitter indoor

If the electronic fencing system is a giant property, then make sure to keep the transmitter indoors because it may get wet and cause electrical hazards if it is kept in a shed or something. Indoor is the best choice to keep it dry and also protected.

These are few things you must do and also avoid when you wish to install an electronic fence for your dog. Make your dog happy with this excellent electronic fence here:

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