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Happy Again Pet is a scientific breakthrough in Pet healthcare. All dogs get weaker joints as they get older – What would happen if we crack the formula of reversing this process? A biotech scientist from Germany has actually made it possible.

The brain behind the project is Anja Skodda who specialises in cartilage tissue engineering and being a dog lover themselves they came up with this idea. Happy Again is a way through which the cartilage of the young dogs will be maintained to give them a prolonged youth and it can also be used for mature dogs to give them better mobility.

Anja’s inspiration was her beloved skateboarding bulldog, Tony who developed arthritis and put an end to his joy of skateboarding.   Anja’s heart broke on receiving such a news. But according to her, “So I used my research to develop a formula for him and within weeks of taking it, Tony was playing and skating again. Now it’s my life mission to help all dogs be happy and healthy.”

Happy Again has recently launched in the United States to help millions of dogs.

All the ingredients including the collages comes from Germany. The formula is meant for all types of dogs. You can use it on ‘Younger Pups’ as a preventive measure so that their joints remain elastic and the cartilages are strong, an added bonus will be the shiny and healthy fur. In ‘Aging Dogs’ the carers can use Happy Again as a relief solution for them if they are suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. The joints become painful and stiff due to the loss of collagen in the ageing process. Happy Again is formed in a way that it would help in rejuvenating the joints. It is made from a blend of collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins all of help in providing relief to a dog. Sugar, unnecessary fillers, preservatives and artificial flavours aren’t added to the supplements which provides better quality to them. You can visit to know more about it.

They use more collagen than any other brand present in the market. To match the amount of collagen, present in the Happy Again supplement one will need to use four servings of collagen powder, 9.5 servings of collagen tablets or roughly 117 chews produced by the leading competitors.

Signing up to the website is very easy and you will get the delivery of canisters every 3 months. Do not wait for other things as the Happy Again supplement will provide adequate nutrition needed by your dog. It will turn into a best friend that will be with your dog for a long time. 

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