The Potent Side Effects of CBD Oil in Both Dogs and Cat

CBD oil is an extract that is concentrated, or tincture, of the cannabis plant. To be more specific, it is an extract of a high-CBD/low-THC strain of the plant of cannabis. This extract is developed by passing a solvent like butane, CO2, alcohol, olive oil or just ice water, over the cannabis plant matter that is matured

Solvent used

As this solvent goes over and through the stalk, leaves, and stems, it dissolves the cannabinoids, trichomes and terpenes holding them in this solution. This solvent is then forced to evaporate, only leaving an oilyconcentrate known as CBD oil.

Side effects

In this article, the CBD side effects in dogs explained. CBD oil in dogs or other animals are minimal and only occur in very extreme cases. The most commonly reported side effect seems to be drowsiness. But many report this drowsiness is quite like that produced by an antihistamine such as Benadryl. It is vital to understand that this CBD oil is non-psychoactive for dogs, so there is no way this oil will get your friend high. That is the best part of this oil – it is all medical benefits with no drawbacks of regular marijuana.

Just like people

Just like humans, dogs and cats suffer from a wide assortment of illnesses, both mental as well as physical. This CBD oil helps decrease any symptoms of these illnesses and make them easier to handle.


Here are some of the benefits of this oil for dogs and cats:

1 – Evidence from many studies shows that CBD inhibits the growth of cancer cells. It does this in 3 ways on cancer cells. It prevents cancer cells from spreading, interferes with cancer cell growth and can even induce death of cancer cells.

2 – CBD suppresses seizures which are disruptions in electrical activity that can cause violent shaking. They originate in the brain and can be so difficult to treat. But CBD oil reduces the number and intensity of those electrical disruptions in the animal’s brain.

3 – CBD also helps with anxiety and depression that are the results of an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and both humans and dogs are vulnerable to these problems.

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