Few Tips on Crate Training a Puppy

So you have bought a new puppy and are elated. That is good. Getting a new puppy is like having a new family member in the house. It is exciting, fun, and physically tiring. If you are parent, then you will get used to the fact that a puppy requires the same amount of love and attention that you gave your infant child.

The only bright side is that you do not have to change diapers and prepare food in the middle of the night. Dogs are adorable animals and understand everything you say. In this article, we will take a look at few tips on crate training a puppy. Giving training to your puppy from the start itself ensures that you both are on the same page and it does not ruin your life.

Pointers to know when training your puppy

  • Always make sure that the crate is suitable for your puppy. There are many crates which are available in the market. However, you will want to get one that fits your puppy. Though the breed of the dog might be different, the crates are usually the same size. But, it should be simple for the puppy to get in and get out.
  • Initially your puppy might seem reluctant to enter the crate. But with a bit of persuasion, you can make him/her enter inside. Place some candy or toy bone. Do not force it inside the crate. When you have to go outside for few hours, either make sure you have somebody take care of it or place sufficient food and water inside the crate. It is alright to leave it in a room, with few electronic items and gadgets, with lot of space. It will keep itself entertained. Probably you can just inform your neighbor about your puppy and tell them to give you a call.
  • When your puppy cries for long inside the crate, it is best you ignore him/her. Your puppy needs to know that you will not let him/her outside under any circumstance. Too much of pampering was never good. You will want to be persistent in your training and ensure that you train your puppy well.
  • It is good to train your puppy as early as possible. You do not want him/her to feel comfortable. Training them at an early age ensures that they are well behaved and obey you.

Initially your puppy might seem reluctant to listen to you. Once you keep repeating those words loud and clear, he/she will oblige one day. Always be patient with them. Do not force them to do anything which they do not want to. Puppy training requires lots of patience and determination. Take it as an enjoyable experience and you will develop a good relationship with your dog.

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