Tips to Dog Proof the Kitty Litter Box

Dog Proof the Kitty Litter Box

For people who have both dogs and cats at their home, they sure do know the struggle of keeping their dogs away from the cat’s litter box. Truth is told it’s a universal struggle for every dog and cat owner. It may occur to you that why your dog is so tempted by the cat poop? This is because cat food is usually rich in protein which they don’t always digest. For dogs it seems to be a mouth-watering treat which they would happily devour at any time. Well, that sounds nasty isn’t? In order to keep the litter box out of your dog’s reach, you can follow the tips given below.

How to Dog Proof the Cat’s Litter Box?

Eating cat poop is not only a unhygienic habit but, it can also create a number of health issues in your dog such as diarrhea, nausea, etc. Therefore, it’s your duty to enforce a healthy and hygienic ambiance for both your cat and dog at your home.

  • Restrict the access to the cat’s litter box by setting up a small baby gate. You can put the litter box in a closet or a room and block access to it with the help of a small baby gate. Cats can easily jump over the gate and make it to the box, or you can also keep the small baby gate a bit from the floor that it your cat can crawl under.
  • Keep the litter box at some elevated spot but, for that, you have to ensure that your dog isn’t a jumping master or high enough to reach the spot. Also, ensure that the box is accessible to your cat.
  • You can also train your dog to keep away from the litter box. A good training session can actually help you keep your dog in control provided that you are a good trainer. You can hire a trainer if, needed.
  • If, you think that the above three tips are not effective enough to keep your dog in control then, the best way to stop your dog from digging into cat’s poop is to get a dog proof litter box. There are boxes which are specially designed to keep the litter inaccessible to the dogs. Get one and save the struggle.

Do whatever it takes but, most importantly stop your dog from digging its nose in cat poop!

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