Training Your Dog To Travel By Car

It would be a good idea to sometimes have your dog travel with you and bring him to some place where you can both relax and enjoy rather than walking him in the same places every day. But the problem is that you have not tried this yet and not sure how your dog will react. This is where you need to have him undergo training for dogs to travel by your 2017 genesis g80 car.

Not all dogs can easily adapt traveling by cars. There are that who are nervous or even becomes sick. We of course do not want this to happen to our dogs do we? So before having your dog travel let him undergo familiarization and training first in order to remove their feeling of uneasiness when riding a car. Traveling should not be a traumatic experience for your dog instead he should be able to relate it to something fun. It can also be a good way to bond with your dog.

Here are tips that you can do in order to start training your dog to travel:

  1. As mentioned earlier, it is important for your dog to get comfortable and familiar with the car first. So that he would not be afraid to board on it. To do this, you must spend time to let him stay inside the car for a few minutes without starting or driving it. You just let your dog sit in there with you.
  2. When having him stay and sit inside is no longer a problem, move to the second step, which is starting the engine of your car. While you and your dog are inside the car, start your engine but do not move your. This is the part where you would familiarize your dog to the sound of the engine
  3. After getting used to the engine sound, you can now try moving the car a short distance. You can start by moving it forward and backward at the same place just to give your dog how it feels when the car starts to run. When you do not seem to see any rejection or nervous behavior in your dog, you may also start running your car around the neighborhood.
  4. When you are through with this, you can now try to travel longer distance than what you do in the practice.
  5. In the trainings mentioned above, do not forget to spare sometime with your dog to play with you when you let him out and also give him a treat to enjoy. In this way, he would be able to relate that travel equates to fun and something to enjoy.

Like some humans, dogs can also have the fear to travel. If you force them to do so, they may possible feel sick and result to vomiting, fainting, shaking, restlessness and excreting excess saliva. Doing the steps mentioned awhile ago to train your dog may prevent this to happen. However, if it doesn’t, maybe it is time to ask medical help from your dog if you really need to have your dog travel. Medication to lower your dog’s anxiety when traveling is available.

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