What Attending to Puppy School Can Teach You and Your Pup

Puppy School Can Teach You and Your Pup

It is your duty as a dog owner to train your puppy. From where and when to go potty to basic obedience commands, the new member of your family will become more accustomed to their new home if they have a routine to follow. However, if you are a newbie and at a loss with what to do, there is a puppy school in Provo, Utah that can help you out. There are many benefits to bringing your pet to a training class. Here are some of them:

Prevent Bad Behaviors from Arising

Puppies do not develop bad behaviors until later on. A puppy school will be able to equip you with the right techniques and strategies to discourage your pet from biting, scratching, or barking without punishments. In fact, for dogs, acts like yelling or pushing which you as an owner might use to stop your pet from doing something you do not like, are actually rewards. Your pet will instead be encouraged to do an act over and over again because it gets your attention. This is how pets develop bad behaviors and habits. It would be easier to discourage bad behaviors while your furry pal is still young rather than when it is a fully grown adult.

Provides Obedience Training

At puppy school, your new furry pal will learn basic obedience tricks such as sit, stay, and roll over. Experts will teach you how to make your dog do whatever you want it to do by telling you when and how to properly praise or give a treat when it does a good deed. In fact, young puppies that attended training classes are more receptive to commands made by their owners. A previous study found that puppies that attended training classes for six weeks scored better in behavior tests than those that did not.

Makes Your Pup Comfortable Around Other Humans and Dogs

A puppy school provides an opportunity for puppies to grow up surrounded by other people and other dogs. Socialization, especially when your pet is young, will prevent it from feeling anxious or, worse, becoming aggressive when you go out and encounter another human or dog. This type of school is a controlled and secure environment for your puppy to interact with other pets. This is crucial because puppies need to learn how to get along and play with other dogs. By allowing your pet to socialize early, be it in a puppy school or a dog park, you raise a well-mannered pooch that you can take anywhere.

You and Your Pup Will Grow Closer Together

Training classes are a wonderful way for you and your puppy to spend quality time together. By participating in exercises, you will get to know your pooch better and understand its body language. A puppy school will also teach you how to properly communicate with your dog, drawing you two closer together. It trains you, the dog owner, to become a better carer for your pet as it equips you with all the knowledge you will need to raise a pet. Your puppy will look to you for guidance throughout its life so you, too, need to be prepared to be a leader.

Your experience in puppy school will create a stronger and harmonious relationship with you and your puppy for the rest of its life.

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