What to Know Before Boarding Your Pet

If it’s difficult to take your pet with you when you travel, you want to consider taking your pet to a boarding facility. There are numerous types of facilities depending on the needs that your pet has and the desires that you have when it comes to the amenities that are enjoyed, such as a webcam to view your pet while you’re away. Talk to a few boarding facilities before making a decision about where you want the pet to stay and how much you’re willing to spend.


Start looking for a facility as early as you can. Some of them will get full faster during certain times of the year. Talk to friends who have boarded their pets, or talk to your veterinarian for a recommendation. Some veterinarian offices will have a facility on the property. This will allow for your pet to stay with someone you trust and who will take proper care of the pet. Emergency care is also at hand if something is needed.

Ask Questions

Examine the layout of the facility, such as Solar Lodge Pet Boarding. Look at the area where the pets are kept and where they play. Ask about food and toys as some will provide what is needed while others want you to provide the necessities that are needed for animals. Find out about the vaccination policies in case you need to get any boosters for your pet before boarding.

Make sure the cats are in a separate area from the dogs as the animals might not get along with each other. Find out if there is a thorough cleaning offered each day so that the kennel areas stay washed. Ask the technicians how often dogs are taken outside to play or to use the bathroom. There are some facilities that offer luxury treatments that include bathing and a television in the kennel space for an added fee.

Daily Schedule

When you take your pet to the facility, you’ll be given details about the daily schedule. You’ll also be given details about what will happen if there is an emergency as you’ll want to offer a number where you can be reached in case someone needs to get in touch with you. If you are boarding a cat, ask if you can bring your own cat litter and a few toys. Ask if dogs can have a blanket or special pillow to make them feel comfortable.

If you know that you’re not going to be going out of town and using the boarding services, let the office know as soon as possible as there could be people on a waiting list. When you drop off your pet, you’ll sometimes be given an access code to log into a webcam so that you can watch your pet. This is a benefit for you as the pet owner, but try not to watch the pet all the time because you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. Contact the office if you aren’t able to pick up the pet on time as additional charges might apply if you’re late.

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