Your Dog Can Be Your Best Running Partner

Dog Your Best Partner

If you have a dog in your home, you know there are a few words that will instantly have their attention. Words such as “eat”, “hungry” and “out” work in almost any home that has dogs.


But in some homes, there is one word that is like magic and that word is “run”. In some homes, that word results in chaos with your dog desperately pacing around because you are not getting ready fast enough. Putting on a headband will make them crazy because they already know it is time to go running.

Best running partner

If you already are a runner, running with your dog gives you the best running partner. Dogs that were born to run will always run any distance, any time you are ready to go. These are the dogs that were made for running, and no matter the distance, or time are always happy about running.


Dogs that were just born to run don’t care about the weather, let you always pick the route, allow you to set the pace and distance, and will motivate you to run daily. They are much better than any other running partner.

Athletic dog

If you have a dog that is athletic, and you are already a runner, or you are thinking of beginning a program of running, you already have the very best of all partners already living in your home.


But, a good running dog needs to understand a few commands. The dog should be trained to walk on a leash without forging ahead and pulling you off balance. It is also important that your dog already be trained to sit by your side when you stop for any reason. They need to understand simple commands such as “back” or “slow” when the dog pulls or the command “no” when they see a squirrel or rabbit or see a cat. These simple commands are vital for safety when running with your dog. This is because unlike walking, only one of your feet is in touch with the ground when you are running, making any sudden pulls from your dog to become dangerous for you.

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