What is the executor of an estate?

The executor of an estate is the person or institution responsible for distribution and management of the deceased property as per his or her will. This means that an executor has many functions to do according to the will. Here are some of the functions of an executor:

· Find the deceased individual’s assets and manage them until all of them are distributed to the inheritors

· Deciding on whether or not probate the court proceedings are required

· Figure out who has inherited property

· File a will (if any) in a local probate court

· Handle day-to-day details

· Set up the estate bank account. The account will hold all of the money that deceased person – owns. For example, stock dividends or paychecks

· Use estate funds to settle continuing expenses such as utility bills, homeowner’s insurance premiums and mortgage payments etc..

· Pay all the deceased debts

· Pay all the deceased taxes

· Supervise all the distribution of deceased person’s property according to the will


Remove The TrustDoctor – How to Remove The TrustDoctor On your PC

What is TrustDoctor?

TrustDoctor is difficult to detect and remove. TrustDoctor is not likely to be removed through a convenient “uninstall” feature. TrustDoctor, as well as other spyware, can re-install itself even after it appears to have been removed.

You also run the risk of damaging your computer since you’re required to find and delete sensitive files in your system such as DLL files and registry keys. It is recommended you use a good spyware remover to remove TrustDoctor and other spyware, adware, trojans and viruses on your computer.

There are many ways your computer could get infected with TrustDoctor. TrustDoctor can come bundled with shareware or other downloadable software.

Another method of distributing TrustDoctor involves tricking you by displaying deceptive pop-up ads that may appear as regular Windows notifications with links which look like buttons reading Yes and No. No matter which “button” that you click on, a download starts, installing TrustDoctor on your system. TrustDoctor installs on your computer through a trojan and may infect your system without your knowledge or consent.

TrustDoctor may attempt to change your computer’s desktop, hijack your browser, monitor your Internet browsing activities, change system files, and can do this without your knowledge or permission. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to remove all traces of TrustDoctor from your computer.

How to eliminate The TrustDoctor?
Software behaviors that impair home pc performance:

To eliminate The TrustDoctor in your computer, you maybe can try and come across out the documents while using TrustDoctor in your PC. Are there any new software programs set up not too long ago in your computer? when you have the TrustDoctor dilemmas soon after setting up some new programs then it will be certainly that individuals programs are illegitimate software. They just wish to assault you home pc technique and gather your exclusive necessary information. Delete the documents to eliminate The TrustDoctor. prior to relocating on to additional intricate steps, get commenced in while using simplest route and examine the Add/Remove software programs checklist inside house windows handle Panel. when the undesirable plan is listed, purely highlight it and press the eliminate button. In house windows Vista, the Add/Remove software programs element is outlined in handle Panel as software programs and Features. soon after getting free of the adware or even the TrustDoctor by way of handle Panel’s Add/Remove Programs, reboot the computer. Of course, The TrustDoctor in some cases is fairly tricky to get eliminated directly. In that case, you maybe can try and go to the dependable mode to eliminate The TrustDoctor.

The next system to eliminate The TrustDoctor 100 % would be to eliminate cookies and delete registry entries which modified through the TrustDoctor. This system will enable you completely clear and eliminate The TrustDoctor out of your computer. However, it will be certainly a time eating approach to eliminate The TrustDoctor. Additionally, when you are certainly not a personal computer expert, it will be higher danger to delete registry entries by hand due to the fact you do not know which registry entry could be the awful one.

A highly recommended tool to remove rogue security software(The TrustDoctor) is RegistryQuick which is available for free at Here t Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!
You can get rid of Malware Quickly by clicking  http://www.fixyourpcs.info

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Avoiding Bankruptcy and it’s Recent Decline

Bankruptcies are no laughing matter, and as more and more people have found themselves facing financial difficulties over the last few years, they’ve dominated financial news headlines.  But there seems to be some good news in the world of bankruptcies, at least according to some of the most recent data related to bankruptcy in Canada.  What is it?  Basically, all forms of bankruptcy and insolvencies appear to have made a significant drop when compared to last year.  This includes both consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy, and it could be a sign that things really are starting to turn around in the financial districts.

Here are the basic facts.  Consumer bankruptcies have dropped by over seventeen percent for June of 2011 when compared to 2010.  As for business bankruptcy, its rate has decreased over eight percent over the last year.  Insolvencies are down eleven point two percent as well.  While the rates are still higher than the period just before this recession began, the fact that the incidence of bankruptcy has fallen so much is great news, and news that can provide some measure of hope for the upcoming months and years.  While there’s no one thing that can be pinpointed as the sole reason for the decrease in bankruptcies, there are a number of options out there today for those facing bankruptcy that may have helped lower the rates.

The most obvious is that employment seems to have improved slightly.  Even if you’re working at a job that pays less than you’re used to, that income matters.  And with the rise of financial companies like Prudent Financial Services who are willing to provide advice and assistance to those trying to keep their heads above water, it’s getting a bit easier to avoid bankruptcy.  Debt restructuring, better monthly budgets, refinancing with lower interest rates or long repayment periods, and other options are all out there and can be used to help make your payments and avoid having to descend into bankruptcy.

If you are one of the many who are still on the verge of considering bankruptcy, looking into the various options and ways to save money could help you avoid bankruptcy entirely.  The newest figures relating to the topic certainly seem to show that less people are filing for it and fewer are dealing with insolvencies.  Hopefully this can create a domino effect that will spread out and have positive impacts on the rest of our financial sectors.  Of course, only time will tell.  For more valuable information, visit www.prudentcreditrepair.ca

Prudent Financial Services

The Leader in Loans for people with bad credit histories.

1150 Sheppard Ave W.

Toronto, ON

M3K 2B5


(416) 634-2018

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Will Uv Replace The Dvd?

In the scramble to secure and maintain capital flow from paying subscribers, movie studios are faced with a multi-front dilemma. As VOD (video on demand) outlets become powerhouses unto themselves, the studios are frantic to stop the bleeding.

On the one hand, Internet giants like Netflix dutifully pays their licensing and distribution fees while pirates happily and freely churn out content to the entitled public. So while Netflix core business model does sap the consumer drive to purchase and own content laden physical DVDs, they are still supporting the industry. However, on the other hand, that service itself damages the industry. So studios are hoping that UV distribution systems, which rely on the Cloud for storage, will help salvage a large portion of the market by making ownership, and not simple streaming, attractive again.

There are many obstacles in the path, not the least of which is consumer refusal to purchase legal content, or at least favor the cheaper rentals which Netflix offers. Studios are banking on the fact that people still want to own and access their digital holdings, so they claim storing them in the Cloud for retrieval at any time will overcome this reluctance. Offering content from the cloud could be profitable for studios, which would almost no longer have to pay for distribution, they would simply store content in one area, and distribute Links to access the content. Therefore no transfer is necessary, no physical disc is necessary, which means no overhead cost for the new system.

But one major problem with the concept is failure to recognize and respect the trend that has caused the rise for Netflix and Piracy in the first place. Cheap web hosting has made it possible for pirates to host thousands of servers providing links to content, without having to bother with the actual web hosting of content. And of course, consumers are notoriously lazy and frugal when it comes to digital content. Time will tell if the studio can convince people to open the pocketbooks to access to their content stored in the cloud.

Im 19 and from Devon, England. I like computers, surfing, music, and television though Im not quite sure what to do with my life. I finished college last year, read every day and spend too much time on the internet. I usually write reviews and think-pieces about IT, tech, gadgets Google and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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Knowing Where To Turn When You Need A Lawyer

Do you need a good lawyer for your case? You need to do some research and find a reliable lawyer who will be able to help you. Read on to find out how you can locate the lawyer you need to handle your legal matters.

You should not hire the first lawyer you find for your case. Research your options to avoid terrible consequences. Speak to others and see what you can figure out about lawyers that interest you.

Ask lawyers for their history before you hire them. Just because a lawyer can practice doesn’t mean he is good. Be familiar with his or her record before hiring.

TIP! Ask any lawyer prospects about their fees up front. You will see that the more experience a lawyer has, the higher you will have to pay.

Before you agree to use a lawyer, make sure you ask for his or her history. Lawyers aren’t always reliable just because they are licensed. Be sure that you find out what his track record is like so you can feel confident of his ability to do a good job for you.

Keep your lawyer on retainer so you can ensure you’re prepared. This gives you the time you need to prepare. A lawyer is always available to give you advice or represent you in any way.

Understand that your lawyer must keep all things confidential. Your lawyer is not supposed to share anything you say, including things that would work against you in the context of your case.

A specialty lawyer may cost more, but in the long run, it will probably cost you less. The average lawyer will need to spend much more time researching the law pertaining to your case than one who is already familiar with that are of the law, resulting in less hourly fees.

TIP! You shouldn’t just hire the first lawyer you come across. You should do the proper research to make sure you make the best decision.

Establish ahead of time when and where you will be able to have face-time with your attorney. You do not want to be kept in the dark about what is going on with your case. Make sure you establish a schedule soon so that you can prevent these sorts of problems.

When you search for business lawyers, get business recommendations. Companies who work with attorneys on a regular basis can be a good resource for referrals. Examples would be checking with bankers and accountants, or even realtors and insurance brokers. The people in business who regularly deal with the law likely have a more informed opinion about lawyers than other people would.

Find out whether or not a lawyer has experience with your particular problem. A lawyer can specialize in a certain area and still have a losing track record. When not available online, ask directly.

Hire a lawyer you can trust. If you are seeking a lawyer to help you with professional and business matters, this is doubly so. Many lawyers try to ask for blank checks and large retainers. Remember that you are putting your financial life in their hands. Keep your guard up at all times.

TIP! When choosing your lawyer, be sure to look at their reputation as deeply as you can. Consult your state bar association and online lawyer reviews to determine if you should enter into a contract with a particular professional.

It is important to do your own research into any lawyers you are considering hiring. Online reviews, coupled with bar association reports, will give you an accurate idea of whether a certain lawyer is right for you. Doing this research will help you save a lot of time and money.

Prior to hiring an attorney, contact your state bar association to find out if they have any complaints against them. If there are just a few, you should not be too concerned, but if there are many, you should worry.

Referral Service

While you are not expected to become the best of friends with your attorney, it is nonetheless important that you hire one who can put you at ease. A good attorney will be intelligent, knowledgeable and good with people. If you feel uncomfortable, it is okay to find a different lawyer that you connect with better.

TIP! Overworked lawyers cut corners, and that includes your case. Find out upfront what kind of time your lawyer can devote to your case.

Use a lawyer referral service. A lot of times these services will help cut out a lot of the bad ones. Some services screen lawyers very carefully but others only provide clients with a list of every lawyer in the area. Others will list anyone who has liability insurance and a license. Determine what the sites qualifications are before using any referral service.

Do the lawyers you’re considering specialize in your case? Lawyers specialize in everything from criminal law to real estate law and everything in between. Knowing this beforehand and researching your options can help save you much time later.

There are services online that can help you locate competent attorneys. Do background checks on the lawyers listed online then meet them to talk about your situation before you hire them.

Observe the friendliness of those who work in a potential lawyer’s office. Keep track of how long it takes to get a return call and how helpful the receptionist is. If it takes a lengthy period of time for your information to be relayed to the attorney, you can expect this behavior to continue after you have hired the attorney.

TIP! Make sure you do the needed research before filing a Worker’s Compensation claim. Every state has different laws regarding the amount of time you have to file and the proof you need to show.

Look at how friendly the staff is in the prospective lawyer’s office. Keep track of how long it takes to get a return call and how helpful the receptionist is. If they take a long time to contact you after you’ve left them a message, it’s a pretty good indication that you are a low priority for them. In this case, you may want to look elsewhere for an attorney.

See if you can do anything to lessen the attorney costs. It’s possible that you can help to make phone calls or prepare paperwork. If you must get documents at the courthouse, inquire about getting them picked up by yourself so you don’t have to pay the law office for it.

Sometimes, you need a good lawyer to make all right with the world. Use these tips to find a good lawyer who will be able to help you. Keep the ideas and tips you’ve read here in the front of your mind as you go about the selection process.

While your case may be your main concern, the lawyer won’t see your case the same. He or she may be working on a number of other cases. Therefore, make sure that you do not pressure him too hard.

How To Choose A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is a federal court process intended to help customers and businesses to get rid of their debts or repay them under the protection of the Bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy law firms focus on cases that deal with bankruptcy lawsuits. These are lawsuits that arise when people find themselves not able to meet debt. For anybody who is in a financial mess, it is obvious to look for the right bankruptcy lawyer. It can be difficult to find one good bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago.

Selecting the right bankruptcy attorney can be difficult. This is a delicate decision, and your choice can make a considerable impact on the outcome of your case, including what debts you are able to release, what property is safeguarded from insolvency and how you are able to rebuild your finances and credit history after the bankruptcy.

However, if you pay attention to a few important guidelines, you can find a suitable bankruptcy lawyer. A few guidelines to help you choose the right bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago are given below:

1. Experience and Past record: Bankruptcy proceedings are complicated and have an impact on a  person’s future. It would be well worth it to ensure that the attorney you are choosing is well experienced with a good past track record.

2. Size of the Law firm: While selecting a bankruptcy lawyer, it is important to ensure that the bankruptcy lawyer works for a medium to large law firm. This is because a one-man law firm might not be as dependable as the firm may downsize anytime. Also if there is only one lawyer in the firm, he will not have the option of cross-checking doubts with other lawyers. In such a case you will be at your wit’s end.

3. Comfort level: The level of comfort with the bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago is an important factor to look for. Level of comfort means to be able to trust, to be able to communicate and interact with the lawyer freely. In addition, you must be able to develop a feeling of respect for him since the lawyer will take you through a very difficult point in your life. If a bankruptcy lawyer does not trigger any respect and trust for him in you it is better to move to another attorney.

4. Transparent plan of action: The bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago must formulate a plan of action and tell you about the best and the worst possible state of affairs, along with the pros and cons along the way. 

5. Cost: Make sure that the bankruptcy attorney offers you a free consultation. It will allow you to assess how the bankruptcy attorneys are for your financial needs before hiring them.

 6. Office Visit: It is always a good idea to visit the bankruptcy lawyer in their own office to get a feel for their practice and you should feel at ease in the setting.

From the above information, it can be concluded that if you keep these guidelines in your mind while looking for an Illinois bankruptcy attorneys, you will not have to put in more effort. In addition to that, you should also take advice from people you know who have used lawyer services for filing bankruptcy.

David began his legal career in 2001, where his major focus was in residential real estate transactions. In 2003, David moved on to representing clients in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. David advanced to a senior attorney position at one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the nation and has counseled thousands of clients about their financial needs.

Pointers For Choosing Among Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy is often the only solution to untangle your debts. You may be in these circumstances through no fault of your won, but the sooner you pick up the pieces, the quicker you can get on with your life. Bankruptcy attorneys can guide you on the law as it applies to your case. You can file for bankruptcy under different chapters so you need to know which one is the best option for you.

You can go online to find lawyers who have experience in dealing with these kinds of cases. Speak with a couple of attorneys before you decide which one you feel more comfortable with. If you know someone who has filed for bankruptcy, you can ask him or her for suggestions.

Look for a trusted lawyer who is licensed, qualified, and experienced. Check the number of years of experience he or she has. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can keep your house, car, and secured items like furniture. Unsecured debts like credit cards, personal loans and medical will be discharged.

A trustee will be appointed, who will distribute your monthly payments to your creditors. Your creditors will not be able to contact you for loan repayment. This will give you the breathing space that you need to get your affairs in order.

You will still need to pay certain debts like child support, most taxes, and student loans. You can handle these through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your household furnishings, retirement funds, and art will be exempt depending on their worth.

You will need to appear for one hearing before your trustee, with your spouse if you are married. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can pay your creditors back over a period of three to five years. If you have a regular income, regardless of the source, you can qualify for this kind of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy impacts your credit report negatively, whether you have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, the impact is less in case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Find out the working hours of the attorney so that you can set up an appointment at a time which is convenient to you.

Do some research before you choose among bankruptcy attorneys. San Bernardino residents should consider one who is close by, so that you can find it easy to pay regular visits. Do some introspection and try to learn from the mistakes that you made.

Bankruptcy Attorneys San Bernardino – Be careful when you are choosing among bankruptcy attorneys. San Bernardino resident should consider The Travis Law Firm, which has been in this industry since 1980.

Roll Over Your 401 K Retirement Plan into Investment Real Estate

There are numerous 401k Roll Over plans that allow an employee to save for their retirement and defer the revenue taxes on the invested money and revenues till the withdrawal period. The employees may be able to select some of their income into their 401K roll over account. The participated-directed plan is the commonest option in such plans. This kind of plan allows the employee to make a choice from the investment options. And while your 401K plan may not offer any form of property, you can at least own a property in your retirement plans. The retirement plans are long term investments.

More than 97% of all the Individual Retirement Account ( IRA ) account holders are not conscious of the fact that they can use their IRA funds to buy real estate. Only a small increasing number of people have discovered that they can use their IRA to buy property, from raw land, condos, houses, mortgage notes up to commercial buildings and invest in assets like loans, repossessions, and a lot more. In truth you need to use your IRA to broaden your portfolio. You can use your IRA for Ira Real Estate investments whether or not you are a hands on person or an investor who relies on the expertise of other people. But many of us who select to try this seem to be like being in the drivers seat because they are willing to learn. You want to open a self-directed IRA for you to buy real estate with your basic IRA. To buy a real estate you have got to find an independent director that may function as a custodian or a trustee. The property IRA provides the power to buy real estate inside your retirement plan with taking shouldering penalties or taxable distribution. Almost all of the retirement account cash from IRAs can be diversified into a rather more secure while building your pension funds with the tax-deferred profits.

More than twenty thousand US expatriates live in Costa Rica and a lot of them as retirees. Many retirees opt to have Ira Real Estate because Costa Rica has one of the best standards of living in the entire Central America. Costa Rica attracts the retirees with its lower cost of living and with its slower pace of life. If you’re looking for property then Costa Rica is the perfect place. You can roll over your Individual Retirement Account ( IRA ) so that you can buy the property with your retirement assets. But there’s one exception that you cannot use the costa rica retirement in your IRAs as a vacation home if you are under 59 years of age. This is extremely logical understanding that your pension funds are tax deferred and are only intended to be utilized for your retirement. You can use it personally unless you are already retired. A great way to build up your pension funds is to sell a property with a seller financing so all the payments manufactured by the customers are paid to the IRA.

If you’re looking for property then Costa Rica is the perfect place. You can roll over your Individual Retirement Account ( IRA ) so that you can buy the property with your retirement assets. But there’s one exception that you cannot use the costa rica retirement in your IRAs as a vacation home if you are under 59 years of age. This is extremely logical understanding that your pension funds are tax deferred and are only intended to be utilized for your retirement. You can use it personally unless you are already retired.

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Are you looking for the best California estate planning?

If you live in California and know that it is soon to be your time to go, you will want to look into California estate planning for yourself and your family.  Being able to protect your assets and all the things work so hard for his very important, and if you are a celebrity.  This is especially important as you will probably have large houses to sign over and other things.  Celebrities that did exist, such as Michael Jackson definitely had the same thing in mind.  This article is about to inform you about some estate planning that you might want to look into if you are soon to die or retire. Lots of people are always looking into a way to plan for their state to be sold or given to someone else, so if this is something you want to do and you want to hand over to state to a grandson or granddaughter, look into the best ways to do it and you will always have whatever you need for the right occasion.  Being sure to have everything you need will ensure that you never have a problem when it is time to make the decision for what the state should be sold to home.  If you have a large family and want to leave them with something awesome, make sure that you have everything in your possession so that you can get whatever you need.  In the meantime, take some time out to go over your planning with the tax expert that you hired so that you can have everything ready for the special day.

Lots of people look up this type of thing online.  All the time because they are concerned about what can happen with their state when it is time to make the decision to give it up or sell it.  Of course, you should not sell everything you have to random strangers, but if you can believe something with your family that is the legacy, they will appreciate you and you will make history for many years, even after you are gone.  Being able to find the satisfaction that comes from this will give you a lot of happiness and you will not be sad at all because you will have a lot of things ready for the future.  Being able to know exactly what it takes to get your will and property managed leave you with a great time.  Each time you want to do something effective in your life.  It only matters to California estate planning if you know what to do for yourself when it is needed for you to sign the dotted line to give over your property to someone else.  If you love your family and want to leave them something that they will never forget, make sure to look into the estate planning so that you are not embarrassed when you are on your deathbed and everyone is asking what you left for them.

You might be interested in learning about California estate planning .Simply Visit our website at www.busywills.com .

Law Enforcement Test

Anybody who is already in the police force knows that it is passing a law enforcement test that will welcome you into the profession. In fact, it is one of the most in demand and most important jobs in world so it is only fair to give rigorous tests that will separate the good from the best.

A good law enforcement test helps agencies hire only the best and the most fit to carry on the duties of law enforcement. This is used by counties, cities and states nationwide when hiring people to fill in the ranks of their police force.

The written part of the law enforcement test consists of punctuation, spelling, grammatical and writing skills. An aspiring police officer must also pass the oral exam given by a panel of interviewers usually made up of three to five police officers.

Some of the subjects that you will be tested on are reading and understanding comprehension, memory recall, written and oral communication skills, judgment, reasoning and analytical skills and understanding oral information.

For one to pass the law enforcement test, he or she must condition the mind as if they are already a police officer. Confidence is also vital in making it since this is a trait required from police officers, especially in apprehending lawless elements. One has to be abreast with the law, judicial processes and other important knowledge that an officer must posses.

During the oral interview, it is important that you are presentable and appear in a business suit. Stay calm and focused during the interview process. Other areas that you will be tested will be memory recall, math, judgment and reasoning directional map reading, and reading comprehension. You must also pass the psychological test, polygraph test, physical assessment test, oral board review, and background check.

To be prepared for the law enforcement test, it is advised that you undergo police practice tests to polish your communication skills. Know what you are getting yourself into since a career in law enforcement is coupled with a higher calling of responsibility. It s also one of the most coveted professions in the world so expect that the competition will be tougher as the years go by.

Do not leave your future in law enforcement entirely up to chance. Improve your opportunities in becoming a police officer by taking practice tests, studying hard and training your mind to become more attentive to details. Although being academically equipped is a good thing, it is not a guarantee that you will pass the law enforcement test. Having a good sense, street smarts and great instinct is an added bonus for you as well.

So what are you waiting for? Brush up on your skills and become part of one of the elite professions in the world. Pass the law enforcement test with ease by undergoing practice tests, researching on the internet for additional tips and looking for the best study guide while preparing for it. Remember, it is still you who will make the difference so invest wisely when it comes to your time and study habits.

Are you looking for more information regarding law enforcement test? Visit www.policeofficerexam.com today!

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When only the best will do

You are planning a party and trying to decide on a great menu. You may have read some new recipes in a magazine that you are thinking of trying to impress your guests. The ingredients sound interesting and the pictures are colorful and enticing. Should you try them out on your guests and hope for the best?

When planning a social gathering, it is your best bet to use recipes that you have tried, tested, and were delicious. Because of the tension and anxiety surrounding any gathering, trying out new recipes ant taking the risk that they will turn out perfectly just adds more stress to the situation. When nothing else but perfection will do, you can impress your friends and reinforce your reputation as a great cook and a very competent social planner by little time-savers. Sticking to dishes and recipes that you have actually used before, and found them delightful and appetizing, is just one way. Food can be garnished and decorated for more elaborate affairs. You can let your artistic side go wild and the presentation will be well worth the trouble.

Of course, you could test a new-found recipe several weeks before your event. Try it once, and then try it again. Take note of the time involved, and if the same results are achieved each time you prepare it. Did you get the same expected end product or was there a deviation from what you thought the final result would be?

If there is a major difference, forego the item until you have mastered the details that will insure a uniform presentation each and every time you serve it. This way you insure success with your efforts, as well as eliminating one less detail to worry about. Using recipes that you know are good and that others enjoy, gives you that extra boost of confidence.

If you feel your dishes are not quite “fancy” enough for guests, but they are great for family meals, use them. Garnish your entrees and serve them with the pride they deserve. They have proven their worth and, therefore, they are party fare with a few light touches.

A sprinkling of parsley, chopped green onions, and shaved carrots add color to any dish. Slices of avocado, cantaloupe, or strawberry fans give any everyday entree a festive appearance. Edible flowers give a change of pace, especially to desserts. Putting chocolate or caramel sauce in a squeeze-type bottle give you an artistic advantage. Spooning a sauce on the bottom of a plate, placing your entree in the middle of the sauce, and then sprinkling with chives, chutney or parsley gives a bistro effect. Mint leaves give a pretty appearance as well as a hint of freshness.

Use food to serve food. Hollow out bell peppers in an assortment of colors (red, yellow, green, purple, etc.) and present your condiments in a special way. Scoop out watermelons, or oranges, and fill with fruit balls, or sherbet. Viola!

Varying the way you slice your vegetables, or fruit adds a different “slant” to side dishes. Simple touches add so much appeal to any meal. Serving a creamed dish on toast-vary the way you cut the toast. Diamond, slant, or even strips give a new look to your presentation.

Another advantage to using food to accent food is that your guests don’t have to “finger” the decoration and remove it before they can enjoy the meal. It is also more sanitary and thoughtful.

Experimenting with garnishes is half the fun of a party. The other half is seeing the delight in the eyes of your guests, not to mention the way they appreciate what you serve.