When you are planning about project management at a construction site, you need to consider all kinds of technical aspects. It is highly essential to focus on the major and minor details of processes in the project management of the construction assignment. There are broadly five processes in construction project management. It is always useful to seek valuable suggestions from reputed construction project management companies in Iraq in order to accomplish your objectives. It is good to know the specific details of these processes so that the processes become more efficient.

Project Initiation

At the first phase of the construction project management, you have to check out details regarding the viability of the project. You need to assess all the relevant details associated with the various functional dynamics of the project. You need to study whether it is practical or not to begin with the initiation of the project from a commercial perspective. The study is known as the feasibility study. You need to set a planned strategy for the next stages of the project based on the results you obtain from this study.

The Planning Stage

The next stage involves planning the different phases or segments of the project. You need to build and implement the work breakdown of the project. You have to ascertain the project objectives. There are distinct business frameworks to be considered in this context. Also, there should be a risk management plan in place. The allocation of responsibilities to different workers in the project needs to be done in an organized manner. You also have to decide on a clear communication plan for the project in order to create solid linkages between different segments of the assignment.

The Execution Phase

The execution phase, as the name suggests, concentrates on the conducting of various project-related activities. You oversee the functions of the project. There are several workers who work in tandem to reach the common goal of the project. The different technical aspects of the project are taken into consideration in this phase.

Detailed Monitoring

At this phase, you have the responsibility to do a detailed monitoring of the progress of the project. You get an indication about the performance level of the project. You can modulate strategies to improve the efficiency of different work processes associated to the project.

Closure or Closing Phase

The closure or closing phase of the project focuses on wrapping up the project by considering all the major and minor aspects of workflows directly related to successful completion of the project.

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