Credit Counseling Before Bankruptcy

According to laws passed in 2005 that affect Maryland bankruptcy, an individual must receive credit counseling at least six months before filing for bankruptcy. This credit counseling provides them with the information and helps them decide whether they need to file for chapter 7, which is liquidation, or chapter 13, which is a three to five year repayment plan. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for businesses and, thus, individuals do not need to concern themselves with it when considering personal bankruptcy.

Credit counseling might help a person decide that they do not even need to file for Maryland bankruptcy. Instead, they negotiate with their creditors and come up with a more modest repayment plan so they don’t have to resort to bankruptcy. However, if Maryland bankruptcy is necessary, it does provide several benefits to the filer, be it chapter 7 or chapter 13.

To begin, once you have filed for Maryland bankruptcy and have hired a bankruptcy lawyer, all creditors must deal with you through your lawyer. Sometimes, creditors’ collection activities might verge on harassment, and even threats, of which are illegal, though most people might not know that. Your lawyer, however, will.

This is a result of something called an automatic stay. Once a bankruptcy case has been filed, either chapter 7 or chapter 13, an automatic stay goes into effect. This prohibits any act to obtain money or personal property from a debtor. Lawsuits involving such debts must also stop.

A creditor, or someone acting on a creditor’s bequest, cannot violate an automatic stay or they risk being tried for contempt of court. Further, the automatic stay means that any property that has been seized and repossessed must be returned to the debtor. Foreclosures or sheriff’s sales or anything else resulting in loss of the debtor’s personal property must also cease.

This provides breathing room so the debtor can file and reorganize their debts, and lives.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

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Build Trust With Your Readers

If you want to promote a business and build trust with your readers, you should take the time to create professional, well-written articles. Read these article writing tips and your articles will sound great.

Proper Grammar

Please note that proper grammar is important when writing articles. Make sure you use correct punctuation in each article. If you are a little rusty with comma usage, buy a grammar book. You can learn how to use commas correctly in just a few days. Your articles will not look professional if your grammar is horrible.

Write Reviews

If you are promoting products or services, you can write articles about them. Inform people about the value of purchasing your products. Write reviews and provide people with customer testimonials, and they will be convinced that your products are worth buying. Most people want to be informed before they make a purchase, especially if the product is expensive. If they read positive reviews from people who have your products, they will feel confident when they make a purchase.

Publish Many Articles

If you want to be successful with article marketing, you should publish your articles with as many online directories as you can. Keep in mind that many article directories come with enormous amounts of traffic. Plus, you can start your own blogs and publish your articles there. Submit your blog urls to all the major search engines, use popular keywords in your headlines and the body of your articles, and your traffic will grow.

Gather Your Facts

Before you write an article, you should go on a scavenger hunt. Gather all the facts for your article before you write it. It won’t take long for you to pull information online and your articles will sound much better. If you want attention, your articles should be useful and informative, so make sure you do enough research.

Give People Advice

Remember that if you want to build trust between you and your readers, you should sound like an expert. Give people advice and helpful information with each article that you write.

Be Original

If you want to write amazing articles, you should avoid copying someone else’s work. Make sure your articles are completely unique and original. You can get into trouble if you copy someone’s article, so avoid it at all times. If you want to make sure your articles are original, you should invest in plagiarism-checker software. You will be able to check your work in just a few minutes. If you follow these tips, your articles will be more appealing.

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Elderly Care In San Francisco

Elderly Care in San Francisco
When we venture out of our home toward office, our main concerns are of kids and parents. For kids there are nannies and pre-schools. But what about old parents, they are as sensitive and dependent as a kid and require as much care. Caring about these special people in our lives, there are many home care centers in San Francisco.
These home care centers are responsible that the senior citizens face no problem, personal or health when the family members are not at home or are too busy. It has been seen that with this specialized care the quality of life of senior citizens is increased and also their life span. The home care in San Francisco is quite affordable and therefore different strata of society can easily afford it. Good home care services respect an individual”s privacy and at the same time provide full support. Many such agencies provide personalized care takers depending on the demand of client. After all bonding between caregiver and client is the whole essence of these services.
Many home care agencies based in San Francisco provide services in the nearby areas also. The main clients are the senior citizens who want to live independently without any interference and physically or mentally disabled people. The services provided by home care in San Francisco are quite varied. There are hourly services, overnight services and round the clock services. The rates depend on the number of hours a caregiver is required to spend with client. The care-givers are certified and trained nurses as well as professionals who know how to manage emergency situations. The hourly rates of home care services are about fifteen to twenty dollars without any medical services. While round the clock services are bit expensive at about one-fifty to two hundred dollar per day. In case of medical services there may be other overheads also.
Many home care services provide care-givers who are bilingual and these services often co-ordinate with the hospitals to select a particular care-giver for a particular client. Before a care-giver is recruited he/she is thoroughly checked and goes through many screening processes. There are reference checks, skill assessments, social security checks and criminal background checks too.
Home care services in San Francisco boast of hundred percent satisfaction records. With such specialized services and expert care takers you can be sure that your parents are in safe hands.
Visit us as –

home care san francisco
Care your home san francisco

We provide Options for your loved ones to maintain their independence. Our caregivers must pass State and Federal background checks and our proprietary 12-step personality, psychological, and skills screening. You can rest assured that the seniors who depend on you are receiving the very best in elder care.


In this article, I would like to tell you about one sad trip of our. Once we made plan to get ourselves enjoy. Let me first tell you about my friend that he belongs to Hindu family. We used to study both together. Sometimes he had also stayed for nights at my home. We used to share our problems with each other. One day he came at my home and then he told me about one cricket match which was going to be held in Dubai.

As we were the students, so it was difficult for us to manage the money for going, spending money there and coming back to our country. We asked from some friends but it was difficult to arrange amount. Any ways we tried hard and hard and then finally we had enough money. Finally, the day came and we hired one hotel to stay there. The next day there was an exciting match between Pakistan and India and that is the reason that my friend was getting so much excited. The next day we got ready, we took enough money for enjoy and then we had to purchased tickets. Unfortunately, all the tickets were finished and now my friend started to lose hope because he felt very dishearten to hear that all the tickets were finished.

Suddenly we saw one little girl was lying on the floor, screaming for help and the people were going on her and kicking her. She was asking for help. My friend did not see here and there and even did not think for a second, he immediately ran towards the child and then he picked her up on her own shoulders and looked around to see that to whom child actually belongs to. But my friend could not see anyone. I also went there and then we wiped her tears. We asked her child about herself and her parents, but she was saying only one thing again and again, “I want my father.” We asked her father’s name and then we immediately reported to the police. Police had helped us a lot in finding her parents. When we met with her parents they all thanked us and praised us a lot. I found Dubai a very good country and co operated people, as this trip was my first experience. Parents asked about our self to us, and then we told them. We also told them that when we came here we had lots of expectations for watching match, but now it seems that our expectations will break into pieces. Those parents were the special guest of that match. They helped us and they took us also with them to see a match.

We really enjoyed in stadium and we also had dinner with them. In last they also dropped us at hotel. When we came back in our room we were not digesting today’s mystery. We all thanked to GOD and we praised that nice people. On the next day, we had to depart from Dubai and we also had to submit the assignment in University. We soon consult with best essay writing services and asked essay writing help by just simply typing write my essay on net.


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Immense growth in real estate


India is going to be a remarkable place in upcoming years as unlimited international companies are making significant investment and because of this, real estate developers are concentrating to develop commercial property establishments here. Boundless organizations are keeping a close eye on India in order to take full use of skillful manpower at reasonable cost. During past few years, India has witnessed phenomenal growth in IT sector and domestic industrial segment. There has been rapid increase in corporations which are willing to establish their operational base in India. Raw materials and cheap labor will enable them to expand business all over country and demand for commercial spaces and offices have generated a lot. Developers have created retail, residential and commercial spaces in metropolitan cities and Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi are excellent locations for commercial activities. Property dealers provide different services to clients and these services include renting out, selling, buying and renting in. Investing in residential properties of India will be lucrative business and residential property offers various options for accommodations such as farm houses, 1-4 BHK apartments, bungalows and condominiums.

Sometimes, an individual purchases a home without knowing about locality, neighborhood and environment. After shifting to that house, he realizes that he has done a big mistake and feels unsatisfied and uncomfortable and then, migrating to another house becomes a daunting task. Therefore, whenever you have discussed with loved ones and decided to buy a home, always ask a real estate agent of that specific area who knows the insights of that land and place. Few people think that they have selected a reliable agent who will definitely help them and they do not check credentials, background experience, customer feedbacks and latest projects of that agent. It is advisable that all above mentioned points are necessary while searching for a realtor. Selecting an agent does not mean that your responsibility is over. If you are a homebuyer, you need to tell the agent that what your primary requirements are so that he will search the home according to that. If you have 4-5 family members, you can choose 1-3 BHK apartments or a small independent house and if family members are more than 6, you have to buy a big home, villa or a bungalow.

At present, Mohali is among those areas which have been developing in a speedy manner. It is only few minutes away from Chandigarh. NRIs and people of India who are living in several cities are impressed with infrastructure and growth of this place. Prominent builders have approached Mohali to start their construction projects. There is no lack of call centers, KPOs, BPOs, business centers and shopping complexes in Mohali. Realtors in this area are highly truthful and dedicated. They are competent to handle queries and concerns of customers. They have better knowledge about real estate market and they provide valuable suggestions to clients. If anyone purchases a residential plot Mohali, it would be profitable for him. 

Harji Realtors is one of the leading real estate agents in the region of Chandigarh, Mohali and Kharar. For more information on great deals in Industrial Plot Mohali and the best residential plot mohali check out our website.

Real estate investing chart

Charts fascinate people. Sometimes they consult at certain charts for them to be able to course what action to take and how to plan for it. The others look for it in a special way. Depending on what chart to look at, sometimes it motivates people to perform better and inspires them to achieve more. Being part of a team that sells real estate or invites people to do investing in real estate, charts can be a motivational factor, especially if the person selling sees his standing in the team. It can make the sales team proud especially if they see their team or agency leading the pack for that particular state or region.

Other than that, we can also see that some of the investments people made in real estate. Some charts show the performance on investing in real estate compared to the stock market. People are somehow confident in investing in real estate rather than investing in the stock market or investment houses. With the volatility of the stock market and its instability, people would resort to more stable and good return on investment which is the real estate. The investment chart will tell us also that more and more people prefer owning a house rather than renting because of its social benefits such as community involvement, the child’s performance at school is better because of a good and stable house and the sense of belonging.

Its value for money makes the people appreciate with what they have. And they really have nothing to lose, because this is still one investment worth taking the risk. Right now, the main concern of both partners is how to have a home where their children can come home to and feel safe. Movies and television shows are also influential in a person’s dream of owning a home because of the scenic background such a subdivision lined up with big shady trees, children biking, neighbors sitting out on the front lawn and talking to each other, the wives or mothers coming together at the park for that play date and get-together of sorts, and having a picnic on a beautiful sunny day. That scenery alone helps people think of getting a place of their own and started to look for potential places to live in. That’s why people started to go around in neighborhoods, searching for that perfect real estate property that can best address their basic need of shelter and belongingness.

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Taking Care of the Elderly

When it comes to taking care of the elderly, be it our parents or grandparents, the concerns remain the same for all. Once they retire from their work and settle down, inactivity gradually takes the better of them thus making them much more prone to illness.


Therefore it comes as no surprise when your father turns forgetful by the day and even misses out on his doctor’s appointment or your mother does not enjoy her regular shopping chores. Your grandparents need additional care, if they are suffering from something as serious as Alzheimer’s. It becomes rather difficult for you to look after them when you have to go out for work. In that case, you can opt for specialized elderly home care services.


Sending away your loved ones to Elderly care home is not a solution when you have the option of making arrangements for regular care at your own place. Moreover, in their advanced years, all they want is familial love and affection which you can bestow on them only when they are living with you. This has been facilitated by the availability of home care services.


Elderly folks at one point of time need to be attended to round the clock. There are many who do not have the time to look after them and therefore try and get them admitted in a nursing home or make arrangements in a living facility meant for the elderly. It becomes a bit tiring when you have to tend to a senior throughout the night and then report to work the following morning.


Their services can be broadly classified into personal services, home help service and companionship services. The personal services offered by these agencies include helping them to dress, providing assistance for their mobility, eating, medication reminders, incontinence, bathing and cognitive impairment.


When it comes to home help services, these range from preparing and serving meals, offering assistance with shopping for regular supplies and groceries, laundry services, accompanying them for doctors appointment, provide medication reminders, cleaning garbage, offer help with pets, looking after their car, dusting, changing linens and even assisting them with walking and reading.


While searching for a reputed home care service, you may come across many but it is important to choose wisely. You need to ensure the fact that the agency is accredited by a governmental authority and possesses a valid license. This way you can be sure of its credibility.


You can also seek recommendations from friends and family and even from your family doctor. It is best to go by such references as the services of the agency have already been tried and tested. You do not want to end up assigning such an important task to someone who is negligent of their duties and does not put your needs above your own.


You need a service provider who will take adequate care of your loved one and ensure the fact that there is no compromise on when it comes to taking good care of them.





Daniel Smith has been actively engaged with a home care assistance unit in Ireland. He offers his expert advice on homecare Ireland through his blogs and articles and recommends for further information.

Investing In Real Estate

You may not be able to do it as a full time job, but flipping houses is a great way to make more money in a month that you will for the entire year. After a while, you may be able to quit your day job and just flip houses as a living.

You would be self-employed, make your own hours, have a lot of freedom, and make a ton of money in a short amount of time. It is, however, risky business that will not give you a steady pay check or health care benefits for your family.

You may make $ 30,000 in one month, but in may be your only source of income for the next six months. You just never know what the real estate market is going to do or if you will be able to sell your investment.

This means that you have to plan out your budget very carefully and wisely. If you do rake in a lot of money during a sale, you should set the majority of it aside so that you will be able to pay your bills for the next several months while you look for another property to invest in.

Selling properties is not the only thing you have to worry about; you also have to find the right house to work on. This task will probably be the hardest one and the one you have to do the most research on.

You will need to know the area in which you are doing business and get to know the demographics. You need to know the average home prices, what the market has looked like for the past ten years, what the average ages are for people in the area, family size, income, cultural preferences, etc.

All of these things play very large factors in how you will do business and what you will put into the remodel. For example, let’s say you buy a home in a lower middle-class area where the average family size is five per household and most people are blue collar workers.

You do not want to remodel a home in the area putting in things like wood floors, recessed lighting, granite counter tops, and high end appliances. These things are very nice and will be appreciated, but a home in the area with the demographics described above will not sell for a profit.

You may have purchased the project at a steal, but with the amount of money you would have to put in to make the upgrades compared to the maximum you could sell the home for in the area you would be losing money instead of making it. Similarly, you would not want to do a low budget upgrade in a neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes because no one wants to buy the worst house on the street.

There are many factors that go into buying and each needs to be considered very carefully before you delve into a project that empties out your bank account. After you choose an appropriate home with the right demographics, you need to start to go to work.

Unless you are a licensed contractor who is qualified and capable of doing all of the work by yourself in a short amount of time, you probably need to hire some people. But before you start hiring, you need to assess your needs.

You should decide if you need new flooring and in which rooms, if any walls need to be taken down, if bathrooms need to be remodeled and if you need new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. These are the basic aesthetic things that should be addressed first.

Hopefully you picked a project without any major structural, electrical, or plumbing issues. These are extremely expensive repairs that would require permits from the city.

If you do need permits, make sure you apply for them as early as you possibly can, as it may take a while for your local officials to process them. After you assess the repairs and renovations that need to be done you can hire contractors who will give you an estimated budget and time line.

Jack R. Landry has worked in real estate since 1988 as an expert on home buying and construction. He has written hundreds of articles on real estate and home construction including home builders in Utah.

Contact Info:
Jack R. Landry

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Bankruptcy does not come cheap

Bankruptcy is a huge decision and one that should not be taken lightly. In fact you will have to weigh all the pros and cons involved before you actually decide that bankruptcy is the solution to your problems. It is the last resort of individuals and companies that have got themselves in a financial cesspool.

Bankruptcy is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There are several implications, financial and social related to it. Do not be under the impression that bankruptcy comes cheap. It is in fact quite the opposite. When you file for bankruptcy there is a social stigma that automatically gets attached to you. However, this is an option that you will have to look into if you have no other options.

To begin with, you will need the services of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. They will be able to assess your situation and perhaps give you another way out other than bankruptcy. Should you decide to go ahead with it, he will be able to tell you the chapter under which you should file. A bankruptcy lawyer will also be able to put together the necessary documents and file your claim in court. Doing this yourself is an option, but the complications involved can get the better of you. One of your primary costs will be having to pay your lawyer.

The next set of fees that you are liable for are filing fees. These are compulsory charges that you will need to file for bankruptcy. In general, Chapter 7 will cost you $ 200 – $ 170 as filing fees and $ 30 as a notice fee. Under Chapter 13 you have to $ 185 – $ 155 for filing and #30 as notice fee. One thing you will have to remember is that this fee remains constant whether you are filing as an individual or jointly.

If by chance you file under the wrong chapter and you want to shift, there will be a penalty charge involved. This is variable. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you get the right advice on the chapter you should file under. Certain other fees you will have to look into are abandonment of property fees, fees for reopening and withdrawal of reference fees. There are other costs involved that will slowly add up.

Personal bankruptcy lawyer is a relatively simple process which can be done professionally with the help of experts in the field. Credit counseling for bankruptcy law may vary from one state to another.For more information about student loan bankruptcy visit

English Will Disappear?

People whose first language is English are apt to be complacent about its pre-eminence. English is seen as indomitable ruling the worlds of business, science and entertainment. Yet in The Last Lingua Franca, Nicholas Ostler serves up a bold corrective to Anglo-centrism and its familiar flag-waving myopia
Ostler, a Briton who chairs the Foundation for Endangered Languages, opens with the provocative statement that the decline of English, when it begins, will not seem of great moment
Ostler gives an account of the fluctuating fortunes of other major world languages. In each case their majesty has proved fragile. For instance, the might of Persian, established over a period of almost a thousand years, was shaken to its foundations in just 16. If we imagine that the supremacy of English will endure forever, says Ostler, we are guilty of both memory failure and a signal lack of imagination
Today, were told, English offers an entry card to the worlds Executive Club. But sceptics suggest that its prospects are tainted by its association with Britains exploitative past and Americas recent taste for political interventionism
Worriers allege that the diffusion of English must lead to its break-up: it will develop in many directions, its various new forms in the end becoming mutually unintelligible
Ostler contends that the future promises something quite different: a new linguistic world order, in which China, India, Russia and Brazil, increasingly dominant economically, will discover that they can secure their positions in the global marketplace without recourse to English. The international form of the language will evaporate, and English will revert to being spoken only in its native heartlands. Those heartlands will be less important politically and commercially
Usually, anyone who argues that Englishs position is insecure proposes that some other language most likely Spanish or Mandarin Chinese will supersede it. Yet Ostler takes the view that by around 2050 no global lingua franca will be needed. To a large extent, this will be thanks to technology, for example as improved machine translation will make more languages mutually accessible
Yet while he writes with engaging crispness, at times the text becomes forbiddingly technical, and one can lose oneself in a thicket of thorny names and bristling verbiage
Ostlers arguments are cogent and alarming. Yet he leaves us with a salutary thought: while the world can today seem flat and homogenous, and while a language dies out every fortnight, many distinct tongues persist, and in them survives a rich miscellany of traditions, histories and nuances of human character(Information derived from the network)

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