Over the years, we’ve had several customers call us requesting for a lion cut for their feline babies. It’s a very commonly seen haircut for cats. In order to give them the appearance of a lion’s mane, the hair around their face and chest area is left as it is. However, there may be variations to it depending on the pet owner ‘s requirements. Many cat-owners have said that after this cut their cats appear to be happier. Now we discuss the pros of a cat haircut Dubai.

They Shed Less Hair

Similar to any furry animal, cats too tend to shed their fur. But with a trim, it means that they will be shedding shorter strands of hair, reducing the amount of cat fur in the house.

Gets Rid of Mat Fur

If you notice matted fur on your cat, having it trimmed is usually the best way to get rid of tangles. Both mat and tangles tend to make them very uncomfortable. It is also prone to damage their skin, so getting a lion’s haircut will undoubtedly solve the problem.

Makes Them Look Smart

Certain cats don’t do a decent job of maintaining their fur. We often come across cats who seem to have completely missed out on their instinct of being fastidious of their hair.

Gives Them an Appealing Look

A well-done lion haircut contributes to making your feline friend appear to be very stylish and appealing.

Advantages of Getting A Lion Cut

Lowers Hairball Growth

When you remove most of their fur, it certainly lowers the amount they ‘d be ingesting while grooming themselves. Hairball is not only annoying; it also causes several life-threatening problems such as bowel blockages. If your feline companion is susceptible to frequent hairball issues, a shortening of their fur coat is advisable.

Ideal for The Fussy Ones

The lion cut is a simple haircut and is ideal for cats who don’t necessarily enjoy brushing or combing the hair.

Easier for Aged Felines

With age, most cats develop stiffness in their body and also lack flexibility. These usually prevent them from maintaining their fur, which was possible when they were younger. For such cats, a trim will help keep them looking decent.

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