Have you been working hard only to realize that your focused keywords are not offering the results expected? Well then, you might just be making a mistake that many site owners do. We’ve worked with numerous sites and have come across a few mistakes that are found in both SMEs as well as large corporates. In this article, we cover these common mistakes made by companies and how you can avoid making the same mistake. Look for services of SEO UAE with SEOTOP to help prevent these mistakes.

Slowing Down the Website Speed

The first and very important factor is the speed of your website. The higher the speed the more Google will be in favor of your site. We often advice clients to optimize the images used on their website. Websites that use relatively large sized images take time to load, resulting in slower website speed. You can fix this either by resizing the image size or installing a plug-in if using a WordPress site.

Not Hiring an Expert

An SEO expert would have the required knowledge, be updated on the current trends, algorithm changes and strategies. Several companies like to believe they understand the technicalities behind and want to do it on their own. Sure, you can always learn along the way, but when you opt for the service of a professional, you save time and effort, and let them take care of it all for you. They are up to date on the latest trends and understand what works best for you. The last thing you would want is to experiment with your website and create unwanted problems, that might require you to spend additional amounts.

Not Updating Your Site Regularly

If your website has outdated content, it is more likely to receive lesser visitors, therefore decreasing the revenue. SEO requires fresh content, in order to make your site more favorable. When you add new content to it, it increases the chances of adding more keywords and increasing potential visitors on the website. In fact, a new posting also helps your website rank when queries are being searched.

Not Focusing on Your Visitors

While SEO is undoubtedly important, your visitors are equally important. The quality shouldn’t be undermined to the extent that visitors lose interest and no longer want to visit or engage on your website. To prevent this, you must follow SEO guidelines that are well-established, so you are able to retain your lost customers.


Keywords Are Not Ranking

In order to rank on Google, you must use the appropriate and relevant keywords. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve encountered when dealing with customers is that they tend to use very generic keywords. For example, if you are a cleaning service, you may want to use a keyword that is not as specific, or else it will be difficult for your website to stand out against your competitors. In such cases, you could add the city you are located in, to the keyword, thus making it more long tail, as we would call it. The longer and more specific the keywords, the higher the chances of ranking for them. While it might reduce the search volume, you can compensate by optimizing different pages on the website.

Not Adding A Call for Action

In order to keep your visitors on your site for long, and not have them bounce back, it is important to enable them to click through your site. CTA, short for Click to Action, is a button that offers an action to your visitors. It could either be a Sign-Up button or a Buy button, depending on the nature of your business. That said, you need to have one button on every page, as too many will only kill the purpose.


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