Display stands are wonderful tools to advertise the products and offers if you have a retail store in the UAE. Shopkeepers always want to incorporate pertinent ways to get the attention of the customers. The stands are effective in this context. Various materials are used to construct them. But, in particular, acrylic display stands are great equipment to tell people about the prices, rates, discounts and availability of new products at your store. You would be amazed to know the range of benefits that you can extract from these stands.


You would get a beautiful professional look from stands made of acrylic. Also, there is a sense of clarity in the way the stands display your store’s ads. They are also available in multiple forms such as racks, holders, etc. The weather resistance properties of the rack make them more desired instruments for brand promotion. Humidity or water doesn’t affect their appearance. You also have the option to get these lovely stands in a wide range of eye-catching bright colors. There are also see-through acrylic stands that you can use in an innovative manner. The versatility of the stands is bound to impress you.

Acrylic Display Case


Are you worried about the weight of the stands? There is no need to over-think as these stands are lightweight yet strong enough to serve the purpose. For displaying various categories of merchandising art, the acrylic stands are perfect items as you can easily carry from one location to another. You will not get the same luxury with stands made of wood or metal.

Convenient to Clean

You would be more than happy to know how easy it is to clean the acrylic stands. You don’t have to use any regular polish for cleaning it. Any multi-purpose cleaning solution is more than enough to clean the stands. You may use paper sponge materials to rub the surfaces. If you want to maintain its quality, you should use it at least once per month. It is also important to dust it on a regular basis.

Acrylic Slatwall


You will not feel the pinch in your pocket when spending on acrylic stands. They are, by all means, more cost-effective equipment than the typical metal stands or wooden hoardings. They have a greater resilience than glass stands with a much lower probability to break. Usually, the stands are available in the market in different sizes and shape at ridiculously affordable rates.

Consult the Best in The Market

It is wise to consult Creative roots in the UAE to avail the best acrylic stands for branding your products and fulfilling display purposes.

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