Leaving your car untouched for days can affect your car’s battery life. Other things such as forgetting to shut the door properly or leaving the headlights on for long periods of time can drain the charge of the car quickly. The consequence, which is often a run-down battery, can be very frustrating. Luckily, you can bring your car back to life. All you need is a jumper wire and another battery to pass on the power. In this article, we listed the steps you should take to properly jumpstart your car. However, before you attempt to jumpstart your car, always examine the car’s battery for any external damage or leakage. If you have a cracked or leaking battery, do not jumpstart your car. Rather, head to battery and ask for a mechanic immediately and replace it with a new one.

Grab Your Jumper

Jumper wires are just as important as spare tires. Without them, you’ll be stranded. The first step is to take the wires out of your car.

Find A Charged Battery

To jumpstart your car, you need another one. Upon being stranded, try asking for help from someone with a running vehicle that has a charge. You’ll need to connect your it to theirs via your jumper wires. If you have a spare battery that is charged, you can also use that.

Connect Both Batteries with The Wires

The next step is connecting the jumper to the car batteries. However, before starting, ensure the ignition is off. Jumpers have two different ends, a red end, and a black end. The red wires are the positive side and should be connected to the positive terminals of both batteries which are indicated by a “+” symbol. After you have done that, you can connect the -ve one to the strut. The -ve wire is black and one end should be connected to the -ve terminal of your car’s battery and the other end to a metal strut that is beside the battery.

Connect Both Batteries with the Wires

Powering the Battery

Once connected securely, you can start your car and let it run for some time. This lets your battery accumulate charge from the other battery.

Removing the Wires

Some practice will do the trick. After this, you can turn off the ignition and remove it. Always remove the -ve (black) one first before the positive.

Note that, jumpstarting your car isn’t always the solution. Many times, you will realize that it is not the solution. You can always buy a new good quality one from reliable car battery suppliers in the UAE.

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