The rising CBI programs can surely confuse investors who seek to invest, further creating worries about whether you have made the right decision. This is especially the case when most of the programs are remotely close. Continue reading as we explore the four different ways that make this program stand out amongst others, and whether the Antigua and Barbuda nationality program matches your requirements.

It’s Affordable

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment is Affordable

While second citizenship may seem to appear as a wise investment, it also comes with a price. Certain programs require millions of dollars, which more often than not can be quite a challenge for most investors. That however isn’t the case with Antigua and Barbuda program. It starts with a minimum of 125,000$ that has to be donated to the NDF (National Development Fund), making it affordable, especially to those who wealth might be tied-up in assets. It’s an attractive destination for property holders, as accommodation is always in demand during the peak season. If you chose the investment option for real estate, it means you ‘d be paying a little more up front but you’d be getting back your investment once you resell. Plus, it means you ‘d have the prospect of rental returns – and a second citizenship for a lifetime.

Fastest CBI Program

Known for its high speed, through this program you can acquire a second passport within four to six months. You perhaps have had your eye on various programs from the moment you heard of them, and wanted to move fast, either due to a change in situation or for better opportunities. You might also think that these programs are time consuming, which for the record is true with most programs. But with Antigua and Barbuda, however, it is just the opposite. The process is dramatically shortened, where you can get access to your second passport within half a year. It is one of the fastest CBI programs out there, which is perfect for those who require an immediate change.

Tax-Free Country

Tax-Free Country

If you have significant amounts of wealth, Antigua and Barbuda may seem to be an appropriate location for you. from generous tax holidays to exemptions and breaks from tax, there are many benefits offered. Protect more of your wealth, thereby guaranteeing a prosperous retirement for you and fruitful future for your family. Investing in this country is a smart approach to protecting your wealth.

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